ABS & Speed Limiter
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ABS Anti Lock Braking System & Speed Limiter are the safety devices & protection for trucks, buses, trailers, tankers, medium & light duty trucks.


ABS ( Anti-Lock Braking System ) helps prevent a vehicle’s wheels from locking in the case of excessive actuation of service braking system, especially on slippery roads. ABS helps the driver to keep control of the vehicle during emergency maneuvers and optimizes the stopping distance compared to blocking wheels.

EBS ( Electronic Braking System ) is the latest generation of Anti-Lock Braking System which uses advanced electronics and intelligent valve technology to create an ABS that is communicated with the vehicle’s suspension, load carry solutions.

We supply the ABS & EBS components & install the system for all trucks, buses and trailers with full air, air over hydraulic & full hydraulic brakings.


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